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Several clips from the simpsons television episodes were shown all through the episode. Top 10 amazing facts about the simpsons toptenznet duration. Jamie and adam discuss the challenges of taking on a cartoon world, and why they love the simpsons so darn much. The myths in this episode came from the animated series the simpsons. The official mythbusters website lists episodes by calendar year. Will placing someone between a wrecking ball and a building protect the building. Mythbusters the simpsons special tv episode 2015 imdb. Mythcrackers tv show information genre reality country of origin usa first appearance the daughter also rises mythcrackers is a television show. Previous all episodes 298 next the simpsons special poster. Adam built a fullscale model of homer simpson with dimensions accurate to the. Adam built a fullscale model of homer simpson with dimensions accurate to the show, including a height of 5 feet 11 inches 180 cm and a. Check out some classic mythbusters testing results. They never prove whether a cat always lands on its feet.

The show does not follow a typical calendar of on and off air periods. Myths related to the animated sitcom the simpsons are tested. Mythbusters takes on two two wheeled internet myths. Adam and jamie investigate myths from the cartoon world of the.

Homer simpson vs wreaking ball mythbusters10 discovery channel southeast asia. The simpsons the forgotten real life cartoon tv house duration. This is the best quality and is the full video clip. Will a cherry bomb dropped in a school toilet make others act like geysers. Homer simpson vs wreaking ball mythbusters10 youtube. Mythbusters adam savage jamie hyneman appear on the simpsons as the mythcrackers. Savage creates homemade road spikes and adds a special touch to finish them off. After their guest appearences jamie and adam made a simpsons special on mythbusters. After their guest appearences jamie and adam made a. The episode parodies the mythbusters program in that bart and milhouse are. Watch full episodes of mythbusters and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at. In 2012, adam and jamie guestvoiced a simpsons episode that. The daughter also rises is the thirteenth episode of the twentythird season of the american animated sitcom the simpsons. Mythbusters is a science entertainment tv program created and produced by australias beyond television productions for the discovery channel there is no consistent system for organizing mythbusters episodes into seasons.

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